How Kaziaris Works For Organisers

30 Nov 2021 08:52

How Kaziaris Works For Organisers

Kaziaris is a complete online event ticketing system that can handle everything from event planning, managing to ticket selling. Install a dedicated platform for events on your website or launch a new event platform. In other words, you can control everything about your events on one single platform.

Let's see how Kaziaris works for event organizers:

Step 1 - New user Registration

  1. Signup/Register to become an Organiser. Register a new customer account.
  2. After Registration, Click on your profile and go to “Become an Organizer” in the header to visit the profile page.
  3. Enter the organization details, and click to submit.
  4. Now you're an organizer and ready to host your event. 

Step 2 - Create/Publish Event 

  1. It’s time to create and publish your event. Fill in event details such as timing or end time, location, event images, event SEO Meta tags, powered by tags, and host. 
  2. Finally, click on save and then click publish, to publish the event. 

Step 3 - Start Selling

  1. Once the event is published, Customers can then buy tickets by going to “Get Your Tickets Now” on the event page. 
  2. Customers will need to enter their email, Select the ticket quantity, Choose a payment option, and then checkout.
  3. Customer, Organizer, & Admin will receive booking confirmation emails after the payment is processed.
  4. Organizers can manage their events & bookings from the profile drop-down menu in the header.
  5. Manage your event earning & payout status from the manage earning page under the profile drop-down menu.


You can also invite other event organizers to list and sell events on your platform and earn commissions from event listings.